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QBK third generation of pneumatic diaphragm pump

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Parameters that

The third generation of QBK pneumatic diaphragm pump | acid and alkali slurry pump product overview:

The third generation of QBK pneumatic diaphragm pump valve (WEST) is a western company developed the third generation of pneumatic diaphragm pump, has the advantages of long service life, no pause etc, it is the flow of liquid can be pumped, and easy to transport some of the flow medium, has many advantages such as self suction pump, submersible pump, shield pump, mud pump and the impurity pump conveying machinery. The third generation of QBK pneumatic diaphragm pump product advantages

1, the third generation of QBK pneumatic diaphragm pump without irrigation water. The absorption process is as high as 5m. head up to 70m. outlet pressure is greater than or equal to 6bar.

2, the flow is spacious, good passing through performance. To allow the maximum particle diameter of 10mm. Pumping mud, impurity, little wear on the pump;

3, head, flow through the valve open to realize stepless adjustment (pressure adjustment between 1 - 7bar):

4, the pump has no rotary parts, no seal, diaphragm will be moving parts, pumping medium and pump completely separated from the workpiece medium, the transmission medium does not leak out. Pumping so toxic, flammable or corrosive media, it will not cause environmental pollution and harm personal safety;

5, do not have electricity. In the flammable, explosive use of safe and reliable place;

6, can be immersed in a media job:

7, the third generation of QBK pneumatic diaphragm pump has the advantages of convenient use, reliable work, start stop simply open and close the gas valve. Because of unforeseen circumstances even if long time no medium operation or sudden stop pump will not result in damage. Once the overload, the pump will automatically stop, with self protection performance, when load returns to normal, and can automatically start running;

8, has the advantages of simple structure, less wearing parts, the pump has the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation, repair, pump transmission medium will not come into contact with the valve, the rod and other moving parts, unlike other types of pumps due to the rotor, piston wear, gear, blades and other components of the performance will drop down gradually:

9, can deliver more sticky liquid (viscosity at below 10000 CPS):

10, the third generation of QBK pneumatic diaphragm pumps do not need lubricating oil, even if idle. It has any influence to the pump, which is the biggest characteristic of the pump. Note: at the start of the diaphragm pump using QBK, to install the air filter to filter out the moisture in the compressed air, and install the pressure gauge at the outlet of the pump, avoid due to high pressure pump damage, timely cleaning pump should be in the pump does not work, to avoid the damage to pump the solidification.

Note: the pump shell material; gas will cast iron, aluminum alloy diaphragm pump original, ball, a ball seat NBR. Pressure on an original film of stainless steel ball, a ball seat, chloroprene rubber., H on fluorine diaphragm type pump, ball, ball seat PTFE.C and note also fluorine pump modified diaphragm lining F46 diaphragm.633 diaphragm pump adopts respectively according to the different liquid mediums: Ding Qing, neoprene, Viton, Teflon, F46. And light accumulating sealing seat is divided into Ding Qing, neoprene, Viton, teflon. Q9 sealing ball into Ding Qing, neoprene, PTFE, stainless steel and ceramic. The 3 building to meet the needs of different users. Placed in a variety of special occasions, for pumping of conventional pumps can not pump the medium, both with satisfactory results. - explosion, application market

1, food processing / biological health / 2 pharmaceutical, automobile / plating and polishing 3, ceramic / coating / glaze 4, chemical / oil 5, chemical and building / public facilities 6, machinery / wastewater treatment

The third generation of QBK pneumatic diaphragm pump | acid and alkali slurry pump product features

1, as a result of air - powered, so with the back pressure flow (outlet resistance) changes in the automatic adjustment, suitable for use in high viscosity fluid. The centrifugal pump operating point is set as the base water good, if slightly higher viscosity of the fluid used, you need to complete reducer or frequency converter, the cost will be greatly improved, and the gear pump is the same.

2, in the flammable and explosive environment pneumatic pump with reliable and low cost, such as fuel, gunpowder, transportation, because: first, could not produce sparks after grounding; no heat generation second, work, machine not overheating; third, the fluid does not overheat because the diaphragm of the fluid a minimum of agitation.

3, at the site where the poor, such as construction sites, industrial wastewater discharge, because of impurities in the sewage and more complicated, easy to plug the pipeline, so the pump on the formation of excessive load, the electrical heating vulnerability. Gas particle flow through and adjustable pneumatic diaphragm pump, pipe plug to open automatically when to stop.

4, another small easy to move the diaphragm, without foundation, the ground is extremely small, simple and economic installation. Materials can be used as portable pump.
5, in the material handling hazardous and corrosive medium, the diaphragm material can be completely separated with the outside world.

6, or a number of tests to ensure that no contamination of raw materials.

7, can be used for conveying fluid, the chemical nature of the relatively unstable as: photographic materials, such as flocculation liquid. This is because the diaphragm of the low shear stress, on the physical effects of materials for small.

The third generation of QBK pneumatic diaphragm pump | acid and alkali slurry pump parts list:

QBK Airoperated diaphragm pump
NO Part name Number Material
1 Bottom 1 lCrl8ni9Ti ZLl04 HT200 PP
2 Tee 4 Neoprene Buna-N Teflon Viton
3 Ball 4 JNeolNeoprene Buna-N Teflon Argil
4 Standcoltlmn 2 1Cr18ni9Ti ZLl04 HT200 pp
5 Diaphragm 2 JNeolNeoprene Buna-N Teflon Viton
6 Outsideplaten 2 Subassembly
7 Shaft 1 Stainle sssteell Crl8ni9Ti
8 Endoplaten 2 Q235-A
9 BlockGasket 2 Buna-N
lO Clapboard 2 AluminumalloyZLl04
11 Top 1 lCrl8ni9Ti ZLl04 HT200 PP
12 Centerpumpbody 1 Subassembly
13 Muffler 1 ABS
14 URing 4 Bun-N
15 Guidesleeve 1 Subassembly

The third generation of QBK pneumatic diaphragm pump for slurry pump performance parameters table | acid and alkali:

Type Max flow
Out pressure
Absorption process
Max allowable particle diameter
Max air consumption Material of diaphragm
Nitrile rubber Chloroprene rubber

Ethylene propylene rubber

Viton Teflon
QBK-8 16 6.9 5 1 300
QBK-10-15 20 6.9 5 1 300
QBK-25 100 6.9 5 2.5 600
QBK-40 140 6.9 5 4.5 600
QBK-50 240 6.9 5 8 900
QBK-65 280 6.9 5 8 900
QBK-80 400 6.9 5 1O 1500
QBK-100 480 6.9 5 10 1500

The third generation of QBK
pneumatic diaphragm pump | acid and alkali slurry pump specifications:

Exit Connection mode Pump body material
inc mm inc mm NPT
ANSI flange
DIN flange HT200Z ZLl04
QBK-8 5/16 8 5/16 8 - - - - - -
QBK-10 3/8 10 3/8 10 - - -
QBK-15 1/2 15 1/2 15 - - -
QBK-25 1 25 1 25 - - -
QBK-40 1? 40 1 32 - - -
QBK-50 2 50 2 50 - -
QBK-80 3 80 3 80 - -


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