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ELBI Capsule type force tank

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Parameters that

The pressure tank is complete sets of automatic water supply equipment essential part, its function is:

1, storage stop holding pressure, ensure the pipe network pressure and at any time open the tap water.

2, to cope with a small amount of water and normal network leakage (not open pump).

3, storage is also the realization of automatic control function of the essential parts of the.

4, with the elimination of water hammer pressure, eliminate jitter function, is conducive to the pressure sensor is Accurate measurement and control the use of.

YQG for the pressure tank water supply equipment for diaphragm tank (steel tank rubber capsule diaphragm) type SQL. An inflatable long-term use, water quality is not affected by external pollution, the installation location flexible, easy migration. Installation technology of new type of diaphragm, good air tightness. Long service life of the diaphragm, 3000000 bending test is not cracked, applicable to all kinds of life and fire water supply system.

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